2.5x Distance viewing Binocular Eyeglass Loupe Style


BIN-2.5 are long distance dental loupe style Magnifiers with 2.5x Magnification. Worn like glasses, thus leaving the hands free and providing magnified long distance vieiwing. The BL-2.5 has high quality coated multi lens optics at a reasonable price. Includes interpupillary (IPD) and nose bridge adjustments, and has a aluminum lens frame, comes with a padded carrying case and eyeglass lanyard to hold the loupes on when your looking down.



BIN-2.5 Worn like glasses but are distance binoculars thus leaving the hands free. Each side can be individually focused to meet the needs of each eye and include inter-pupillary (IPD) and nose bridge adjustments. Constructed of high quality glass optics and metal alloy lens frames. Comes in padded protective carrying case with lens polishing cloth. Suitable for the vision impaired.

Focal length/working distance is 48 inches to infinity.


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