Headband Magnifiers are Hands-Free Magnifiers that allow full use of both hands while working under a magnification. This provides the user not only increased vision size and detail , and increased task speed, efficiency, and reduces eye strain and fatigue.  All the Headband Magnifiers and other styles on this site allow for Hands-Free viewing.



Headband Magnifiers are hands-free  binocular magnifiers that are worn on the head and  allow for unrestricted use of both hands while seeing under magnification.  When doing precision work this enhanced view with assorted magnification, can greatly reduce work time, frustration, eye strain, while increasing efficiency precision,  and work product .  Most Headband Magnifier models have the ability to provide multiple levels of magnification to suit just about any task or requirement, they also have adjustable headband designs to allow a comfortable fit with any head size. Technicians, Jewelers, Watch Makers, Machinists, hobbyists, assemblers, and industrial factories, all use  and require headband magnifiers on a daily basis to assist them with close precision work. The ability to have both hands free, and see an accurate  clear and magnified 3 dimensional view, can cut down the task time to a fraction of what it would without a Headband Magnifier. Different Magnifications allow for different working distances, as magnification goes up working distance (distance from the lens to the object) goes down. The maximum magnification for binocular (both eye ) Vision is 3.5x, some models do you have a swivel  one eye loupe that allows for increased vision in one eye for close detail work. Most Visor Style headband Magnifiers can be worn over prescription or safety glasses. Headband Magnifiers are precision magnification tools and make a great gift for the professional, hobbyist, needle worker, fly-fishing , artist, collector craftsman and just for reading.